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Nose Studs and Hoops
We have a variety of styles (curved, 90 degree shaped/L shaped or straight post) and colours (in select styles). 
Open nose rings or horseshoes (for septum piercings) are available as well in different sizes. 
*Note* none of our jewelry contains nickel for those with allergies or sensitivities.
Lip Studs
From stone shape, size or colour, we have a nice selection to suit our customers' preferences. All studs have bioflex backings to unsure the jewelry will not scratch, chip, or ruin the enamel of your teeth or gum line. Bioflex is a very lightweight material making it a very comfortable option for lip jewelry.
Tongue Barbells
We have an assortment of post lengths and bead widths on hand. Colours shown in the photo provided are only some of the many shades we carry. Both surgical steel and bioflex are available among our jewelry options for tongues.
Eyebrow Bananabells
Our eyebrow jewelry is made from surgical steel and are available in a few different options in bead shape as well as post lengths. In addition, we carry an assortment of beads that are interchangeable with the styles shown in the photo provided. However, these bead options are sold separately.
Ear Jewelry
To accommodate for the many different places an ear can be pierced our shop carries a nice variety in jewelry to suit your style. A mixture of hoops
(with and without a captive bead), studs and barbells are available. Surgical steel, black plated or coloured titanium and even some options in gold are just some of the styles we provide. 
*Note* none of our jewelry contains nickel for those with allergies or sensitivities.
Navel Jewelry
We carry 14g to 16g in our curved bananabells in our navel jewelry. They are available in surgical steel and plated titanium. Our jewelry varies in jewel shape, size as well as post lengths and dangling charm accessories. Prices are affordable and range accordingly amongst each style.
Silicone Tunnels and Plugs
We offer a wide range of sizes from 4mm to 20mm. Only select colours offer 22mm to 26mm. Many colour options are available in our tunnels. Plugs range from white, black and flesh tone. 



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